House in Hands

Datwyler Construction is owned and operated by Jared and Camille Datwyler.

Although Datwyler Construction, LLC was formed only 7 years ago, building beautiful homes has been the heart of our lives. Jared grew up surrounded by construction. His dad, Craig Datwyler, started the original Datwyler Construction and ran it until his death in 1997. Camille also grew up around home building. Both Jared and Camille love to help people realize their dreams of home ownership.

Today Datwyler Construction is involved in construction of all types. While Datwyler Construction continues to be involved in commercial construction and remodels, it is also involved in building several custom homes in various locations and in developing some lots in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Because Jared and Camille care about helping others realize their dreams of home ownership, they don't believe in cutting corners or short changing their customers.

If you would like to see how much they care, please call Jared at 801-368-2732.